Damn Tasty Canned Water
You already know that Deschutes cans Damn Tasty Beers, but did you know that we started canning water too? It’s summertime, that means locals and tourists enjoy the beautiful Central Oregon nature. We can’t blame them, that’s why we built a brewery here! Deschutes is all about recreating responsibly within our territory– rivers, trails, lakes, so we wanted to create a solution to help care for our wild spaces.

We take pride in our namesake, the Deschutes River, and continue to do what we can to respect and honor it. For years, we've been participating in river and trail cleanups in order to give back to our community. As much as we love coming together as a company and doing this, we are always on the hunt for partners in the cause. We partnered with organizations like Tumalo Creek Kayak and Canoe and Enjoy Protect Respect that share Deschutes’ point of view on plastic. They serviced over 40,000 “floaters” during the summer and each person received a plastic water bottle to ensure everyone stayed hydrated on their float, which goes against their values to protect the river. “We work hard to maintain our river clean up efforts with the Upper Deschutes Watershed and Bend Parks & Rec, but we realized we could do more,” said Geoff, owner of Tumalo Creek. “That’s when we approached our friends at Deschutes, knowing they share similar values.”

We quickly sprang into action with the help of our Director of Operations, Mark Fischer. Our team was so motivated they rallied around this cause and made it happen within three months time -- an impressive feat! Deschutes canned water will be found at many Central Oregon events this summer, Tumalo Creek’s Bend and Sunriver locations, as well as their Riverbend Park and Park & Float facility and events hosted by Lay It Out Events. So join in with our community and take a stand with us and eliminate the use of single-use plastic water bottles. Whether you tote around your favorite reusable @hydroflask, or purchase one of our cans of water, please recreate responsibly and float like a local.

PERK ALERT: Bring your canned water empties into one of our Tasting Rooms or Pubs for $1 off your purchase. We love recycling!