Mirror Pond Pale Ale

Brewer Notes
A crisp, single-hop pale ale with floral and citrus notes from 100% Cascade hops and a smooth caramel malt character.
Malt Pale, Crystal, Carapils, Munich
Hops Cascade Cert.
Alc. 5% IBU. 40 Cal. 170/12oz
  • Citrus
  • Floral
  • Caramel

Since 1988, this refreshingly uncomplicated ale has inspired the simple moments that become extraordinary when shared. Crisp and clean with subtle hints of caramel, Mirror Pond is a delicious everyday ale whose straightforward single-hop character and smooth maltiness combine to deliver a timeless pale ale that’s best served in the moment and paired with a few good friends.

Join us for a virtual tour of Mirror Pond and discover why we named our award-winning pale ale after this gentle flowing section of the Deschutes River that flows through the heart of our hometown.

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Mirror Pond Pale Ale

Mirror Pond Pale Ale Recipes

A tasty plate and a great pint is a match made in heaven. Our chefs find that together they can be even more beguiling than apart. Here are a few of their favorites.

Mirror Pond Pale Ale Pairings

Putting tasty Deschutes beer together with the right foods can be a match made in heaven.

Mirror Pond Pale Ale Awards

Some of the many awards we've won for our beers.

  • 2017
    European Beer Star - Gold
    Word Beer Awards - Silver
  • 2016
    European Beer Star - Bronze
    World Beer Awards - World's Best Bitter 4 – 5%
  • 2015
    The International Brewing Awards - Silver
  • 2014
    International Beer Challenge - Silver
    World Beer Awards - Best Bitter Up to 5%
  • 2013
    The International Brewing Awards - Gold
  • 2012
    Men's Journal - The Best Beers in America
    European Beer Star - Gold
  • 2010
    World Beer Awards - Best in Style
    Great American Beer Festival - Gold
  • 2009
    Great American Beer Festival - Silver
  • 2008
    European Beer Star - Gold
  • 2007
    World Beer Awards - World's Best Standard Pale
  • 2006
    Northwest Brewing News Readers' Choice Awards - Best Pale Ale
    European Beer Star - Gold
  • 2005
    European Beer Star - Silver
  • 2004
    Men's Journal Best American Specialty Beers - Gold
  • 2002
    Brewing Industry International Awards - Gold
  • 2001
    Real Ale Festival - Silver
  • 1994
    Great American Beer Festival - Gold
  • 1990
    Great American Beer Festival - Bronze

Mirror Pond Pale Ale Homebrew Recipe

Anyone passionate enough to homebrew has our respect. Also, in tribute, these handy blueprints of the nuts, bolts, hops, malts and nuances of our favorite brews.


Recipe Type
All Grain
Batch Size
5 Gallons
Original Gravity
Final Gravity
Boil Time
90 minutes
Fermentation Temp
65° F
Yeast Type
English Ale