Collage Bottles & Beer Dinners

Collage bottle

It's hard to believe but it's been two years since Alan Sprints from Hair of the Dog Brewing Company came over to Bend to brew Fred and Adam at our brewing facility for our first collaboration project. The Dissident and The Stoic were later brewed and all four beers were then transferred into a variety of oak barrels. Collage, the first beer brewed in our Conflux Series but second to be released, was recently blended and will be coming out in less than three weeks. On May 15th, twelve-ounce bottles will go on sale at our Bend and Portland pubs when their doors open at 11 AM (there will be a 3 bottle limit per person).

For those fans who have patiently waited with us for this day to come, we are also excited to announce that we will be hosting two amazing beer dinners to celebrate the release of Collage,. Only at these beer dinners will you be able to drink the component beers that make up Collage and have the chance to talk with Deschutes Brewery's president Gary Fish and brewmaster Cam O'Connor, as well as, Alan Sprints, owner of Hair of the Dog Brewing Company to learn more about how this project came together.

To see the mouth watering menus and to find out how to buy your tickets, click on the links below.

COLLAGE Beer Dinner @ Wildwood in Portland (Monday, May 14th)
COLLAGE Beer Dinner @ Deschutes Brewery's Bend Pub (Friday, May 18th)

We hope you can join us for this once-in-a-lifetime event that will have you talking for the rest of the year!

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