In the Magazines

October has been good to us!  First, Men's Journal released their annual America's Best Beers article recognizing The Dissident, Hop Trip and the Portland Pub.  Then, Sunset came out with a great beer pairing article written by Portland's Jeff Alworth that pairs Black Butte Porter with shellfish.  And then for the hat trick, the new issue of Dirt Rag hit the stands this past week and their one-page "Beer Me" article about funked up beers featured The Dissident

After reading this I know the million dollar question is going to be, "So where can I find The Dissident?"  Well, The Dissident is probably the least available beer we ever released and the first batch is long gone.  The good news is that the second batch is brewing and will be released sometime in late 2010.  Cheers ~

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