What Exactly Is Base Camp?

Posted on: February 25th 2012

Base Camp is where Deschutes Brewery offers fellow beer fanatics a spot to “pitch a tent” of sorts – and find their footing with the cornerstone of Mirror Pond Pale Ale. We take over a town for a week with a series of activities such as beer dinners, vertical tastings, live music, total tap takeovers and pint specials to help fans celebrate their love of craft beer. Not only is Mirror Pond Pale Ale highlighted, but we also pull out the stops with other year-round favorites and specialty brews that can’t be found elsewhere.

This year, we are looking forward to bringing together our brewers, ambassadors and passion-heavy, pioneering brews to the following locations, along with Woody. Mark your calendars.

BaseCamp_Circle What Exactly Is Base Camp? Events
Spokane, WA/ N. ID (February 28 – March 3)
Los Angeles, CA (April 9 – 14)
San Diego, CA (April 30 – May 5)
Eugene, OR (June 22 – July 1)
Minneapolis & St Paul, MN (July 19 – 28)
Kansas City, MO (July 30 – August 4)
Seattle (Eastside), WA (September 14 – 23)
Missoula, MT (October 9 – 13)
Albuquerque, NM (October 22 – 27)
Austin/San Antonio, TX (November 2 – 9)