Tim Brenner

Posted on: August 27th 2009

BRAVELY DONE: Have you always done silkscreen printing as your method of creating art?


TIM: I got into silkscreening about 4 years ago. I was into photography,
 design, metal and wood working before. My good friend from college was into screen printing and we decided to both start printing together. We’ve done some collaborations via email – sending a photoshop or illustrator file back
and forth.


BRAVELY DONE: What is it about silkscreening that you enjoy?


TIM: I like how clean screenprinted designs look and the quality you can
 achieve with minimal set up. I was mostly interested in printing on
 wood and other materials. I like the contrast of wood with the clean
 sharp images produced by screenprinting.


BRAVELY DONE: Tell us a little about your process.


TIM: I started by having all my designs created in Illustrator/Photoshop. I 
have a majority of all my designs in vector format. There are limitations to having everything digital and I’ve been trying to break out from strictly using a computer to design my pieces but it is nice to be able to match a design precisely as created.


BRAVELY DONE: Where do you find inspiration?


TIM: Pretty much everywhere. Inspiration and ideas tend to come in waves. I
 am fascinated by symbolism in belief systems and the reactions they cause. I try to find humor in most of my pieces. I try not to take myself too seriously but can appreciate what I produce.


See and purchase Tim’s work at www.at37.com

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