The Power of Willpower

Posted on: May 29th 2018

We sat down with a can-do partner, Kate, to learn about a moment that she moved mountains. Turns out, Kate moved over mountains from Vermont to Oregon and used willpower to rehab her knee so she could enjoy her new PNW life. Her story….

Mind Over Matter

“In March of 2017 I tore my ACL while snowboarding at Stowe in Vermont. It turned out that that would be my last day riding in VT for a long time. Soon after that I accepted a position with Columbia Sportswear in Portland, OR and made the move across country knowing that my first winter season living in this beautiful state, I would most likely be laid up rehabbing my knee instead of participating in my favorite winter activity.

After driving all of my belongings across the country, starting a new job, moving a couple times around the city, I finally found time to make an appointment with a new orthopedic surgeon for a second opinion. In September, I was told that the ligament was likely only partially torn and that with some discipline and motivation, I might be able to rehab it enough to ride that winter.

From my first shaky turns after hiking the cone at Mt. Bachelor in October, to an inaugural camping trip to Mt. Baker in February to scavenging for pow turns off the backside of the Bachelor summit a few weeks ago, I was able to build up the strength in my knee and regain my confidence on hill. This past winter was truly remarkable and one of my best yet thanks to a little perseverance and a lot of PT. The best part is, thanks to Oregon’s Cascade range volcanoes, it’s not over yet!”

Check out her amazing shots from her first winter in the Pacific Northwest on her Instagram feed.

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