The Abyss Rye & Cognac: “Remarkably Limited Release”

Posted on: January 7th 2016

For those of you who adore The Abyss and look forward to its release each year, we have a special treat for you. The Abyss Rye & The Abyss Cognac! These two remarkably rare releases are 100% aged in their respective barrels and due out at our Bend Pub, Portland Pub and tasting room on January 15th. Most of the Rye Whiskey barrels came from Willett Distillery out of Bardstown, Kentucky (go and visit them if you ever get the chance, tell them Gina from Deschutes says hello) and at 13+% ABV, this version packs a punch. The incredibly old Cognac barrels are from France, and according to Barrelmaster, Jake Harper, impart an interesting sour-like characteristic to The Abyss and is just around 12% ABV.

Since The Abyss rested calmly in these barrels for a year, these versions will be quite strong and boozy and take flavor from what was in the barrel prior to this beer. Look for some vanilla, caramel and rich chocolate flavors and aromas in the Rye version and dried fruit, wood, and a roasty finish in the Cognac version.

We’ve had such positive responses from our brewers, sensory tasting panel and fans about these rare 100% barrel-aged versions of The Abyss that we are planning on doing it again with different barrels for next year. Any suggestions?


Find these rare bottles in locations that currently have The Abyss 2015 and other Reserve Series beers from us.