Red Chair IPA Reviewed

Posted on: June 5th 2009


We often scan the world wide web to see what beer fanatics are saying about our beers, especially the new ones like Red Chair IPA. So, when we come across a review like this one, we had to share it with you. 

Modern Brewery Age
(Five out of Five Mugs)
A beautiful hop forward beer, practically exploding with fresh hop aroma and flavor. The nose is a stunning bouquet of floral hops, and every sip fills the palate with citrusy fruit flavors. It’s a terrific and distinctive IPA, with 6.4% abv and a relatively modest 55 IBUs. Tasters were blown away by this one from the first scent.

“Holy shit!” said Greg Zannella.

“Unbelievable!” said Marty Juliano.

“Very floral up front, they really make phenomenol beer.” “Great hop nose,” agreed Robert Lachman.

“Wow!” “Aroma is nice big floral and citrus, well rounded, and very Pacific Northwest,” said Gregg Glaser.

“Floral right through to the taste, like lilacs,” Greg Zannella added.

“Floral up front, then grapefruit flavor and finish,” Marty said.

“Stops just short of too much grapefruit,” said Phil Simpson.

“Maybe a quarter rind short of too much grapefruit,” Gregg Glaser laughed. “And it sure tastes a lot bigger than 55 IBU.”

“Excellent beer, this should get a special 27 mug rating,” said Robert Lachman.

“I’ve never had a bad beer from Deschutes,” said Von Bair. “Now when the Hell will they start shipping to the East Coast?”

“Terrific fresh hop character,” said Tom Conti, “A beautiful thing.”

Now, we look forward to reading your comments about what you think of this juicy IPA.

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