Ramen and Beer Pairing

Posted on: January 20th 2018

There’s nothing more comforting on a cold winter day than a bowl of hot ramen. The simple combo of broth, meat, and/or veggies is an ideal meal to warm you up and make your heart and soul, happy!

But, alas! Thirst sets in and you are left wondering which beverage to grab from the fridge to pair with the ultimate soup.

Well, we’ve partnered with Mike’s Mighty Good Craft Ramen to bring you… TA DA…

A Ramen and Beer Pairing of epic proportions!!
(Seriously, it was a lot of ramen, get it… large, or epic, (pro)portions)

ramen-and-beer-blog-784x457 Ramen and Beer Pairing Featured Post Food

“Research” was performed by sipping many broths and main ingredients of delicious ramen, and then tasting each beer with a ramen variety to find the best pairings. Now, you can recreate this at home. Here are our tasty findings:

ramen-and-beer-phone-2-of-10-beer-150x150 Ramen and Beer Pairing Featured Post Food Chicken Ramen Soup + Pacific Wonderland Lager

We added: fried garlic, chicken breast, and cabbage. Topped with green onions, sprouts, and egg

Notes: Broth was thick and rich and paired well with the light, crisp and citrusy beer. Brought out an ever so slight bitterness in the beer that created balance with the beer. Recipe


ramen-and-beer-phone-5-of-10beer-150x150 Ramen and Beer Pairing Featured Post Food • Vegetarian Kimchi Ramen Soup + Mirror Pond Pale Ale

We added: Tofu cooked in sesame oil, spinach, carrots, and shitake mushrooms. Topped with kimchi and egg

Notes: The simple malty flavors in the beer balanced the spicy flavor from the broth and the vinegar flavors from the kimchi. Recipe


ramen-and-beer-phone-1-of-10beer-150x150 Ramen and Beer Pairing Featured Post Food Savory Miso Ramen Soup + Fresh Squeezed IPA

We added: cooked bacon, bok choy, and radish. Topped with green onion and egg

Notes: The saltiness from the miso broth brought out even more citrus and juicy sweet flavors in the IPA enhancing the flavors of both. Recipe


ramen-and-beer-phone-6-of-10beer-bbp-150x150 Ramen and Beer Pairing Featured Post Food • Pork Tonkotsu Ramen Soup (from the cup) + Black Butte Porter

We added: pork loin, carrots, spinach, and shitake mushrooms. Topped with green onions and egg

Notes: The richness and salty flavors in the Tonkotsu brought out the smoky and dark malt flavors in the porter. Recipe


Make the perfect EGG for your ramen topping:

  • Boil water in saucepan
  • Slowly drop in eggs
  • Set timer for 7 minutes
  • Transfer with spoon to ice water bath
  • Let stand 2-3 minutes
  • Peel and slice

The ramen’s above were all started with Mike’s Mighty Good Craft Ramen cups and packets.

Click here to find Mike’s Mighty Good Craft Ramen at stores near you, and more about their company.

They are located at a lot of the same places you can Find Our Beer.

We hope you step outside your comfort zone to try some of these fun pairings on your own and would love any recommendations for future pairings with our beer.


ramen-and-beer-phone-9-of-10-300x300 Ramen and Beer Pairing Featured Post Food