On the Pub Reserve Series

Posted on: January 26th 2015

This creative outlet is where our brewers are able to dream. It is where we are given the free reign to try something we’ve never done before, fail, learn, and present to you, in rare, barrel-aged, small-batch offerings, our pickled brewer hearts in the form of a waxed-dipped 22 oz bottle. They are a thank you to our pub patrons for making our pubs a part of their lives, and for believing in our crazy ideas. The Pub Reserve Series is the only one of its kind where we are not bound by pesky deadlines outside of what we place on ourselves. Where we truly hand select the best of our efforts, and let the beer either take its time or shout “IT’S TIME”!

They are projects where the brewers have their hands in every facet of the execution – from concept, to grassroots marketing, to packaging. And (if you didn’t pick up on this already) it’s truly the most fun you can have at work. Keep your ear to the ground to pick up on the release of these projects at our Bend and Portland Pubs and in our tasting room.

And for the record, the beer names come to us during the most menial tasks of brewing. Cleaning.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of the beers we’ve released so far in this series.


Veronica Vega, Assistant Brewmaster