A Slice and A Pint: The Ultimate Pizza and Beer Pairing

Posted on: January 29th 2018

Whether you’re having a crowd over for the “Big Game,” you need a quick dinner for the family, you don’t want to cook, or you really enjoy hand-made pie night every Friday, a tasty pizza is where it’s at!

And nothing pairs better with a slice of cheesy goodness + your favorite toppings than a cold pint of craft beer.

We took one for the team this past weekend and did some R&D to find the best combos of Deschutes beer with pizzas most commonly found on menus at local pizza joints.

Here are our professional (haha) recommendations:

*Hawaiian (Ham & Pineapple) + Pacific Wonderland Lager

Notes: the crisp and citrus flavors of the beer balance the pineapple acidity and cut through the ham saltiness

*BBQ Chicken + Obsidian Stout

Notes: smokey flavors from roasted malted barley compliment the sweet nature of BBQ sauce and adds a certain hot pepper hint to the chicken (generally Kansas City style BBQ sauce)

*Cheese + Mirror Pond Pale Ale

Notes: caramel malt plus citrus and floral flavors are simple enough to not overpower the cheesiest of cheese pizzas

*Pepperoni + Black Butte Porter

Notes: slightly sweet chocolate and coffee flavors from the beer cut through the spice, salt, and pepper from the pepperoni. This is the favorite pairing from most of the team

*Veggie Lovers + Fresh Squeezed IPA

Notes: caramel malts and juicy hop flavor are a perfect partner of spice forward bell peppers, onions, olives, and mushrooms atop melty cheese

*Sausage and Mushroom + Inversion IPA

Notes: need a hearty malt forward and bitter hop back end IPA to cut through the salt and fatty oils from the sausage and mild mushrooms

We know there are a ton of pizza topping combinations just like there are a vast array of beer styles and flavors.

Tell us your favorite pairings and local pizza spots you frequent in the comments below. We travel a lot for work and often find ourselves craving that ultimate slice and pint combo!