Official Deschutes Brewery Blog Kick-Off

Posted on: November 10th 2008


In recent months I have spent quite some time on blogs answering questions, heading off false rumors and clarifying our company’s position vis-à-vis various industry events.  Additionally, I have spent some time observing our wonderful industry through the eyes (and fingertips) of some of our most ardent supporters.  Veterans and novices alike thrill to the variety, character, quality and innovation that characterizes the craft beer industry.  They vent their passions while sitting at their computers to online communities everywhere.  I cannot tell you how many beer blogs I now have book-marked that I check regularly.  Well, now we have our own.  This forum will allow you (and me) to check in on what Deschutes is doing, discuss the pros (and cons) of that activity, provide feedback on beers new and old, and be participants in your (and our) community of Deschutes Brewery and its beers.

We have put a bottomless pit of passion into providing what we love for the past 20+ years.  Now, we are broadening our scope to include as many of you as possible.  Personally, I’d still rather do this at our pub, face to face, over a beer.  But we are limited by today’s reality, but empowered by today’s technology.  I hope you will be enjoying a Deschutes beer while typing away so we can come as close to that pub experience as possible.  Because conversation without beer is like peanut butter without jelly, or ham without eggs.  It’s just not the same.

I hope you will join us.  Personally, I will be on there as much as I can and I look forward to seeing (typing) you there!


Gary Fish

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