Ode to Beer

Posted on: January 21st 2009

 Mirror Mirror on the wall what is the finest beer of all.

Could it be that Bachelor E.S.B. is the beer that is meant for me?

Or is Cascade Ale the top-notch brew, which is meant for me and you.

Or shall I seek Organic Green Lakes, the purest brew that Deschutes makes.

But then there is the flavor of Obsidian Stout, oh it is complex without a doubt.

And the bright hoppy finish from Inversion I.P.A, with soft caramel notes in layers lay.

And a solid concoction is Mirror Pond Pale Ale, for a pint of this I would gladly risk jail.

Oh how tasty is Black Butte porter, oh on this beer I have spent many a quarter.

And in winter months there is Buzzsaw Brown, perhaps this is the best beer around.

But don't forget when spring starts to show her head, there is a fine libation called Cinder Cone Red.

When summer is here and the boats set sail, we'll set on deck drinking Twilight Ale.

Then when Christmas brings ice and frost, a bottle of Jubelale on me is not lost.

But when I need something unique to sip, the brewers at Deschutes make a nice Hop Trip.

And when I seem to have lost my way, I set back and drink a Hop Henge Imperial I.P.A.

But what about The Abyss Imperial Stout, it's a fine brew with allot of clout,

Or how 'bout The Dissident it's a hearty fine brew, It's good by myself or to share with you.

Then when I need a beer rich and complex, I always reach for Black Butte Double X.

Mirror Mirror on the wall, I now know the best beer of all.

You may search far and wide all across the land, but the best beer is the Deschutes brew that's in my hand.

Submitted by Scott Glover, Deschutes Fan from Idaho

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