2019 Jubelale Artist Mark Rada

How does a Deschutes fan know it’s officially winter? They have their first sip of Jubelale. It’s the festive winter ale you all know and love, full of spices and a robust malt character of toffee and dusted cocoa.

If you've ever taken a tour of our brewery in Bend, you are familiar with Jubel Hall. It's where we proudly display all of our past Jubelale artist's work. The most recent artist to join Jubel hall is Mark Rada. As you take in this year’s label, you will see images of nature, with a twist. The birds flying above represent the former Jubelale artists that have come before Mark, and the deer’s antennas represent him taking inspiration from the environment around him. “The earth is talking to us here in Bend,” he says. Mark also commented how Jubelale supports art, and that’s incredibly moving to him. (It’s moving to us too!) Mark uses mixed media such as spray paint, acrylic paint on wood to humbly try to recreate what nature does best.

Happy Jubel season!

Instagram: @markrada1