When is National Brunch Day?

Posted on: June 4th 2017

You may have noticed recently that we’ve been talking a lot about bringing BEER to BRUNCH! Specifically giving our dark beers a shout-out: Black Butte Porter, Obsidian Stout, The Abyss, and our Black Butte Anniversary Series beers.

When searching the web to find an established day to celebrate this delicious late breakfast/early brunch occasion, the Google, didn’t have much. Some celebrate Brunch in the month of March, and others want to take over Father’s Day with this breakfast of champions, but we thought… let’s let Dad have his own day, and choose the same day each year that doesn’t coincide with other crazy summer Holidays. So, ALL HAIL National Brunch Day on the second Sunday in June! This year (2017), National Brunch Day falls on June 11th, and we want to help you celebrate with ALL-THINGS-BEER!

We’ve created a page on our site for YOU to find Recipes of Beer Brunch Cocktails, Cooking-With-Beer Dishes, Beer Brunch Merch, a Pinterest Beer Brunch Board, and also find Beer Brunch Events near you where we’ll be there serving up items like: Maple Bacon Obsidian Stout, Black Butte Porter Amuse, Black Butte Bloody Mary’s, Iced Mocha Porters, Makin’ Bacon Pancakes, Stout Sticky Buns, Monte Cristo Sandwiches, Stout Chorizo and Biscuits, and much more…

To find all of the recipes including “HOW-TO” videos on making each item, CLICK HERE! we hope you’ll celebrate with us out at a brunch event or at home with friends and family and be sure to show us your brunch celebrations by tagging us on Twitter and Instagram @deschutesbeer and using #BeerBrunch!

Live in Oregon? Celebrate National Brunch Day with us and our HUGE traveling beer barrel, WOODY, at The Victorian on June 11th from 8am – 2pm. See our events page for details…

Which one of these recipes will you bring to BEER BRUNCH??!!

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