March is Chainbreaker White IPA Month!

Posted on: March 7th 2016

Break out your bikes and outdoor gear, as spring and summer are almost here! Chainbreaker White IPA is a hoppy wheat ale with a citrus kick that will get you ready for all of the adventures in store for 2016!

In The Beginning
With our experience creating beers with a variety of hops, and Boulevard Brewing Company’s innovation with wheat, we thought it would be perfect to combine the two and collaborate on beer that was hop forward but had subtle wheat flavors. Conflux No. 2 (our second collaboration brew) was born out of this partnership, and it was a hit! From there, we took the next step and developed a similar delicious and refreshing beer and dubbed it the White IPA (if you want to get technical, the Brewers Association Guidelines judge this beer as a Belgo-American Style Ale). The great thing about this style of beer is that if you pour several White IPAs from multiple breweries, they will all taste different which is unique to the craft beer industry.

Conflux_Label_Final March is Chainbreaker White IPA Month! Beer Featured Post Other

Chainbreaker White IPA combines citrus forward hops, subtle malts, wheat, sweet orange peel and coriander into one, creating a thirst quenching, spicy ale that pleases palates of new beer drinkers and experienced craft beer fans alike! Take a sip and you’ll notice that this one is not like the others in our year round line up. We use a well-known Belgian Wit yeast strain called “forbidden fruit” that is used to brew the classic Hoegaarden White. The yeast helps to create a rich, highly aromatic beer with an irresistible taste and all combined ingredients create a complex, yet subtle beer for all occasions!

What’s In A Name
Chainbreaker White IPA draws its name from the legendary mountain bike race held each year in Central Oregon called the Cascade Chainbreaker. We’ve sponsored this race since day one and strongly believe there’s no better way to finish a bike race (or ride) than with a beer in hand. We even have our own cyclocross team! For this reason, we’re proud to support the local cycling community by sponsoring the following races and companies:

Cog Wild Mountain Bike Tours
Ladies Allride Clinics
Mudslinger Events
Oregon Off Road Mountain Bike Series
Twilight Criterium (Boise)
Cross Crusade
Oregon 24
High Cascade 100
Cascade Cycling Classic
Pine Mountain Sports – Dirt Divas
Sagebrush Cycles
Sunnyside Sports

chain_professional-784x517 March is Chainbreaker White IPA Month! Beer Featured Post Other Food Pairings and Recipes
Chainbreaker White IPA pairs well with crispy fish tacos with avo and mango salsa, almond orange chicken, and grilled spicy sausage. Looking to cook with Chainbreaker White IPA? Try beer pancakes, IPA mustard, creamy IPA salad dressing and steamed manila clams. This refreshing ale also creates an amazing Hoppy Wheat Bourbon Sour Cocktail!

chainbreaker-white-ipa-cocktail-2-of-4-784x523 March is Chainbreaker White IPA Month! Beer Featured Post Other

A Chance To WIN!
Each month we’re highlighting a different beer and with that comes another chance to WIN! This month, win a bike/cycling swag pack including a Deschutes Brewery jersey, water bottle, wool cycling socks, and a keychain bottle opener made with an actual bike chain by Resource Revival! To enter, simply take a photo of Chainbreaker White IPA next to your bike, or out on a trail, or with you breaking out your adventure gear and post it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #ChainbreakerBreakOut. The winner will be announced March 31st and you may enter multiple times. Cheers and good luck!

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
-Albert Einstein