Making The Most of This Life

Posted on: June 18th 2018

We caught up with can-do partner, Brianna, to talk about her not-so-ordinary life on the road. Living out of a van isn’t for everyone, but if you confront your fears by stepping out of your comfort zone, you just may see the world in a new light. Choose the life you want to live…

Her story

Making the Most of This Life:

“Two years ago, I quit my office job, broke the lease on an apartment, and moved into my 1990 Ford E350 van with my husband Keith and our two dogs, Bucket and Dagwood. I thought I’d take a chance at being a freelance writer while my husband worked with at-risk youth out in the Utah deserts. When we’re not working, we’re rock climbing, mountain biking, canyoneering, kayaking and anything else that involves dirt under our feet and sun on our backs. We set out to live this way because we wanted to make the most of the one shot we get at this life.

The life my husband and I have chosen to live is unconventional and temperamental and unpredictable and so many folks have looked at us and said, “Wow, you guys must be fearless.” But we aren’t. A can-do attitude to me has nothing to do with being fearless. We confront fear and doubt and uncertainty every day in dozens of different ways. But we choose to keep on. We choose this life over and over and over again. The fear doesn’t stop us, it just reminds us that we’re really alive.”

Check out her incredible #VanLife on her Instagram feed.

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