Looking At Life Through a Fresh Lens

Posted on: June 29th 2018

We are excited to introduce, Bubba Sellars, one of our can-do partners who is willing to look at life through a fresh lens. We sat down with Bubba to hear the story behind his photos. And what we learned captivated us. Get this…

“I Quit”

Bubba was working a job in coffee — 12+ hour days — and creating social media content for coffee companies while trying to do what really inspired him: landscape and travel lifestyle photography.

After falling deeper and deeper into a 9 to 5 scenario and doing photography projects “on the side,” he realized what he truly wanted to do with his life: travel, take photographs, and tell stories, just as he saw so many people doing who had inspired him through their Instagram pages. One night he was laying in bed and thought to himself, “what am I waiting for? I have nothing holding me back.” I Quit!

That next day, he packed up everything he owned into a pick-up and hit the road. He traveled for 6 months straight, all up and down the west coast, seeing new places, taking photos and meeting amazing people but most of all…he was living.

“I learned more about myself in those 6 months than I did in my entire life prior. This life does not come risk-free. You don’t get paid time off, you don’t get sick days or weekends free. You don’t get to leave work at 5 o’clock and just be done. What if somebody emails you at midnight and wants to inquire about a project?

This fear creeps up on me often and scares the shit out of me almost every time.

I overcome it each time when I take a step back and look at all that I’ve done because I turned away from getting another day job. There’s a lot of perks and I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world.” – Bubba Sellars

Why we like his feed:

Looking at Bubba’s Instagram feed, there is a story behind the story. Each photo is simple, unique, gorgeous, there are clean lines and is truly a snapshot of his life. If you want to escape to lands of peace and beauty, be sure to follow @bubbasellers. It may inspire you to look at life through a fresh lens!

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