Let the Festivities Begin… Jubelale Is Here

Posted on: September 23rd 2011


Artists Cara and Louie with their mitten knitting friend Christa

This week marked the annual fall ritual of ourJubelale release. The first beer we ever bottled, this strong ale epitomizes the season with a big, malty, spicy sweetness, an assertive hop presence, and a welcome, warming alcohol temperament. Each year we select a different regional artist to create an original work of art that becomes what you see and experience on the bottle label and six-pack.

This year the collaborative art of Central Oregon artists Cara Thayer and Louie Van Patten adorns the label. Their work explores a ‘painted dialogue of human forms.’ They focused specifically on the hand and how it illustrates the human condition. Cara and Louie wanted to capture the essence of Jubelale, as huge fans of the beer, from within this framework.

Cara reveals, “…we wanted to create something for the outside of the bottle that was as artful as what is inside. Our goal…was to do something that had a sense of….action, along with creating a playful image. The beer itself was hugely inspirational for the painting, as craft beer is an art that we respect…For us, drinking Jubelale every winter is a more memorable highlight of the season.”

Cara & Louie also explained that the hand-knitted mitten (look closely at the photo above) and scarf reflect the handcrafted character of Jubelale, while the snowball in motion evokes the fleeting nature of winter.

Memorable works of art, like Jubelale, offer fitting tribute to any seasonal gathering one might attend. Distinctive flavors establish Jubelale as the ultimate luxury to share with friends and family. Look here for a place to share a pint on this first day of fall!

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