Katie Spotz Rows Solo Across The Atlantic Ocean

Posted on: April 22nd 2010

On January 3, 2010, Katie Spotz embarked on a solo ocean rowing crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, in a planned 2,473 mile westward route from Senegal to French Guiana. En route she altered course, increasing the total distance by approximately 400 miles, setting Georgetown, Guyana as the terminus for a total distance of 2,817 miles. Spotz altered course because weather conditions at her original destination were not favorable for an unassisted landing. She completed the trip on March 14, 2010 to become the youngest person to ever row solo across the Atlantic Ocean and the only American to row solo from Africa to South America. Spotz is also only the second woman to have rowed solo across the Atlantic from mainland to mainland, following the January 2007 crossing by Sophie Macé of France who rowed from Saint Louis, Senegal to Saint Laurent, French Guyana.


Katie’s other Career Highlights:


Swim for Water: Became first person to swim the entire length of 325 mile Allegheny River, averaging 12-15 miles per day, and with a one day swim of 22 miles


Big Ride Across America: Cycled 3,300 miles across the United States from Seattle to D.C., averaging 85 miles a day for forty days


Desert Run: Ran 150 miles across the Mojave Desert and Colorado Desert, solo and self-supported


Half Ironman Triathlon: First in age group


Cycled over 1,000 miles of solo bike tours within the United States, with a longest single day ride of 236 miles


Oxfam Trail Run: Completed 62-mile ultra marathon in Melbourne, Australia


Kate’s Wikipedia Entry

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