Jubelale: It’s a FAN-ily Tradition

Posted on: October 24th 2018

Jubelale is to Deschutes Brewery as the Shamrock Shake is to McDonald’s. When the weather takes a cold nosedive, our fans ask, “where is Jubelale?” It’s a FAN-ily tradition!

This year marks the 31st release of Jubelale and to those of you who may not know, this is the first beer we ever put into bottles (yup, you heard that right!), straight from taps at the Bend Public House back in 1988. Just picture it…the staff behind the bar fillin’ bottles and jammin’ to Taylor Dayne.

Whether you’re a fan of the spiced-notes, dried fruit, and toffee flavors or the unique art on the bottle label (or of both), fans and Deschutes Brewery co-owners rejoice excitedly over the release of this festive winter ale.

If you’ve been on a tour of our production facility in Bend, you have seen our Jubelale Hall of Fame boasting original art pieces that were transformed to labels for this beer (if you haven’t toured with us, add it to your beer-bucket list).

Traditionally we commission local artists to create special artwork for the packaging, but this year, in celebration of 30 years as an independent, family and employee-owned brewery, the artist is (drumroll please………….) yours truly!

With brushes dripping bright paint colors, paint water guns, and paint-filled balloons in hand, our Deschutes Brewery family gathered during our 30th anniversary week of celebration, to craft an abstract expressionistic piece that speaks to what we are all about —–


Tell us what you think of this year’s creation in the comment section below and enjoy this marvelous brew with all of your holiday traditions, whatever they may be!