Hello my name is Stephanie and I’m a Jubelale-aholic.

Posted on: October 8th 2008


img_0155-225x300Many of you may be wondering why I’m so excited about a “festive winter ale” in September, and to you my answer is simple – have you ever tasted Jubelale? Full of dark crystal malt, it’s nutty, it’s sweet and generally delicious. Mmmm…..

So what prompted this sudden outburst of Jubelale love? Last night Deschutes Brewery held simultaneous Jubelale launch parties at its Bend and Portland public houses, offering a lucky few the opportunity to try the 2008 brewing before it’s release to store shelvesimg_0161-225x300 in the beginning of October.

In addition to traditional Jubelale the pub was offering a special nitro Jubel anda menu of delicious beer infused options. We tried the “Pig’s Ear” dessert which was similar to an elephant ear (with bits of bacon incorporated into the dough) and came with caramel sauce and a Jubelale ice cream. Pretty tasty.

So, if you’ve got a craving for some Christmas in September, I’d recommend heading down to the pub and getting your hands on some Jubelale before word spreads and you can’t get a stool at the bar.

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