A Gose Like No Other

Posted on: October 24th 2016

This is not your everyday kind of beer. Sure, we could have bottled a traditional gose or berlinerweisse infused with blood orange, passion fruit, or cucumber but we wanted to stretch people’s perception of what the style could be by creating something totally unique.

That’s why we’ve been playing around with this smoked sour beer idea at our brew pubs for about three years now utilizing not only a variety of smoked malts but also hickory smoked salt. The feedback we’ve received so far has been polarizing and intriguing. It made our pub patrons scratch their heads and wonder why we would create a beer like this. And we like that. So we bottled it. Now folks can take it home and further explore the contrasting tart and smoky flavors.

Our brewers are pretty excited about how Smoked Gose turned out and have enjoyed pouring it at special events like they did recently at GABF.  For craft beer fans that like to discover something new, you’ll want to grab a bottle at our pubs or tasting room soon, before it’s gone.