Fresh Hop Mirror Pond . . . Enhancing Perfection

Posted on: September 27th 2011

Brewmaster Larry Sidor admiring his heirloom Cascade hops

Deschutes Brewery and the Cascade hop have delighted taste buds together since 1988. This year, we give to you Fresh Hop Mirror Pond, the newest brew in the Bond Street series experimental lineup. But this creation went far beyond just ordering some Cascade hops from the hop fields of Oregon – instead, Brewmaster Larry Sidor revived the original 1972 rhizome from the archives at Oregon State University.

“We are in the craft beer industry and we care about quality, which is why we asked the hop farmer to keep a field idle for two years – we actually paid them to not grow anything,” said Larry. “This gave us a ‘pure’ field to start with, using cuttings from the original Cascade hop plant and we grew them up for more than two years.”

Goschie Farms of the Willamette Valley agreed to dedicate four acres of their land for heirloom Cascade hop cultivation. The 2011 harvest season bears the fruits of those labors begun many years ago, and so does Fresh Hop Mirror Pond.

Heirloom-Cascade-Hops Fresh Hop Mirror Pond . . . Enhancing Perfection Brewery

After drinking the results of this experiment, Larry says, “The dream is living up to expectations; the hops in the field were simply amazing with very bright, clean, and intense Cascade aromas. The biggest aroma difference was an increase in floral levels and these aromas transferred into the Fresh Hop Mirror Pond with exuberance! The next step will be to brew Mirror Pond Pale Ale at the Portland Pub with some of the whole flower hops that we dried on the farm.”

Building upon the fresh-hopped success of Hop Trip, Fresh Hop Mirror Pond Pale Ale combines vintage roots and timeless vision with our unrelenting pursuit…to just get better.

Try it soon as it is only available in 22 oz bottles and on draft for a limited time.