February is Red Chair NWPA Month!

Posted on: February 4th 2016

There is a story behind every beer. Whether it be about the ingredients, the name, history, label art, or flavor… memories and experiences are created over a pint. In 2016 we’re diving deeper into many of our beers, highlighting in detail why this beer is special to us and to YOU!

February is Red Chair NWPA month and we’re celebrating all that encompasses this Northwest Pale Ale. We hope you’ll take the journey with us down the ski slopes…or bunny hills…

After getting the inside scoop about this beer, find out at the end of this blog how you can WIN some Red Chair NWPA swag, including a SNOWBOARD, by participating in our #RedChairSquared contest!

What’s in a Name?
Red Chair NWPA is a coveted winter seasonal that is available from January through May. It’s named for the oldest operating chairlift up at Mt. Bachelor: a classic, old-school triple that locals seek out on fresh powder mornings. A former Deschutes Brewery bartender and avid snowboarder, once said, “When I first tasted this beer at the Bend Pub, it didn’t have a name yet, I thought, this beer is so good it’s just like a powder day at Bachelor with nobody around, and you’re riding the old rickety red chair. That’s it! Let’s call it Red Chair!” It’s been a favorite of locals and visitors of our backyard snowy mountain since being first released in 2009.
Fan photo below submitted by Phillip Fischer.

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What in the heck is a NWPA?
NWPA = Northwest Pale Ale. Did we just make that up? When first released, Red Chair was an IPA. After hearing from our fans that it is not as hoppy or bitter as they thought it should be for an IPA, but definitely more hoppy than a pale ale, we decided to call it a NWPA. So, a new sub-style between a pale ale and an IPA was born.   

Red Chair IPA was the original name and packaged for the first time in the spring of 2009 in our 22 oz bottle Bond Street Series. Red Chair NWPA came out the following year in 6 and 12 packs as our spring seasonal. In 2011 we began brewing and distributing a nitro draft version that continues as part of our seasonal Nitro Series today. Fans clamor to find this smooth, creamy ale in a pint!

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Label Art
The original artist for this label and several other Bond Street Series labels like Hop Henge Experimental IPA and the original Hop Trip, is local artist, Adam Haynes. With his amazing art background and love for the outdoors, his style was the perfect fit. Since 2009, the label and packaging has gone through a couple of slight changes to get us where we are today.

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Red Chair NWPA has a complicated malt profile yet the hops shine through! How do our brewers do that? “To say that the seemingly contradictory elements of caramel maltiness and citrusy hops get along would be an understatement; they coexist in blissful harmony. Red Chair is a juicy ale. To balance the malt, we add just the right hops in the right amount. You will find no cloying, mouth-puckering bitterness here. In its place is a straight-up, succulent, citrus and floral punch to the nose. This is due to the experimental nature of some of the hops, as well as how late in the process they were added.”  Co-owner, John Abraham

Looking for a Red Chair clone recipe for your next homebrew, click here.  

Award Winning
We feel like proud parents with all of the awards this beer has won including “World’s Best Beer” in 2010 and 2012 at the World Beer Awards. If you’ve taken our brewery tour in Bend, you’ve probably walked right by the trophies in our lobby.

Food Pairings and Recipes
Red Chair would pair exceptionally well with hot-n-sour soup, enchiladas with mole sauce, and ANY pizza. But don’t take our word for it, get a little experimental yourself and enjoy this wonderful beer with any food you see fit, or all by itself. Looking to cook with Red Chair? These Ale Onion Chips are a hit at any party!

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Are you a FAN of Red Chair NWPA? 
We love hearing your stories and experiences that include our beer. Your fan photos leave us smiling and your outdoor adventures make us jealous. This month we’re running a contest on Instagram and Twitter and we’d love for you to participate. Tag your photos of a Red Chair NWPA bottle on ANY kind of red chair with #RedChairSquared and be automatically entered to win weekly prizes including a beanie, t-shirt, hats, bottle openers and more. We will also choose a grand prize winner on Leap Day (February 29th) that will WIN a retro Red Chair NWPA Snowboard!

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