Deschutes River Recordings: Laura Gibson

Posted on: October 24th 2012


In the third installment of Deschutes River Recordings we traveled to Smith Rock, a mecca for rock climbers and adventurists alike, with singer and songwriter Laura Gibson.

Laura, a native Oregonian, says she “likes to feel the rumble in [her] sternum and the vibrations in the back of [her] throat” when she sings. While she exhibits a gentle mannerism, her voice is powerful and present. In our recording at Smith Rock, the harmonic voices of Laura and her bandmates complement the epic sound of the trumpet and the beat of the drum. Executive producer Steve Rauner of NORTH says he focused on “using the environment to shape the sounds and frame the performance.” The echoing of the horn and the drum off the cliff is evident and impressive.

Laura was raised in Coquille, a sleepy logging town along the southern coast of Oregon. She was exposed to music at a young age and is a classically trained cellist. Naturally camera-shy, she spent time performing in unusual venues like hospices and nursing homes before gaining enough confidence to take the stage. Laura is an incredible storyteller and her latest album is no exception. Her lyrics are lush and imaginative, and she shows a spiritual connection to the places she describes. The album is named after La Grande, a place “people usually pass through on their way to somewhere else, but which contains a certain gravity, a curious energy.”

Laura Gibson and her band are headed out on tour with Typhoon next month. Check out tour dates here. Thank you to Laura for her performance and to Eric D. Johnson of Fruit Bats and Eric Earley of Blitzen Trapper for the first two episodes in the series. And a special thanks to Matt Pence, the talented sound engineer behind these recordings. With his direction, we brought you recordings of independent artists far from the safety net of the studio.

Watch the film. Download the track. Explore the cause.

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