Deschutes Brewery’s Bend Pub Getting Makeover

Posted on: December 29th 2010


Deschutes Brewery is excited to announce that we will be giving our original brew pub in downtown Bend, Oregon, where it all began 22+ years ago, an  extreme makeover. Our desire to keep innovating and make everything possible on-site, as well as wanting to better accommodate our guests, was the impetus for moving forward with expanding the space so we can make some overdue improvements.

This expansion will provide us the opportunity to better serve our local fans and visitors and reduce the long wait for a table. This will also give us the chance to add some new exciting upgrades to create a better overall experience for our guests.

The pub will expand into a two-story building attached to the south of the current space.  The new area will include outdoor, upper balcony seating and a small private dining space, in addition to indoor seating. Kitchen upgrades will include a bakery and an operation for curing meats.

The new, adjacent building will feature a brick façade with a beautiful arcade of three towering two-story segmental arches, giving it historic appeal. Inset from the arches will be a more contemporary curtain wall of floor to ceiling glass.

As Gary Fish, Founder and President of Deschutes Brewery, put it,”This expansion is something that has been in the works for the past 20 years, but only now did all of the planets line up for it to happen.”

Construction will begin soon with an expected completion date of early 2012.

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