Da Shootz! Is Here!

Posted on: January 29th 2019

Da Shootz! is so light it may float

We are making it really easy this time around. Da Shootz!, the phonetic spelling of Deschutes, is an easy-drinking, low ABV beer. We are proud to introduce this new pilsner to the world. We want to tell you all about it so you can be a Da Shootz! trivia master and know all about the beer.

The Name: Da Shootz!

Fact: Deschutes is difficult to pronounce. If you aren’t from Oregon or a Francophile, chances are you need a lesson in how to pronounce our name. Da Shootz! is our gift to the world. There, now you know how to say Deschutes.

Long ago, when started distributing in Hawaii, our sales manager, Chris, made plans to have a brew with a retailer who confirmed their outing by enthusiastically saying “shoots.” Chris was confused. The lesson he learned later was that in Pidgin, “shoots” is a phrase of agreement or “let’s do it!”

The Specs

It all started with Wyerman pilsner malt and German hops, but we knew we had to dig deep to provide our consumers with something distinctly refreshing. Our brewmaster, Veronica Vega, had been talking to Breiss for years about a low protein malt that’s grown in the US. It’s a unique malt and is flavor-driven. So, the fact that we could do both low calorie AND flavor has us very excited.

  • ABV = 4%
  • Calories = 99
  • Carbs = 4.2

The Design

So, now we taught you how to say our name, say our name. What better idea than to highlight the beautiful flora native to Oregon. Dive deep into our package and you will find plant life such as:

Da-Shootz-Flora-1 Da Shootz! Is Here! Featured Post
Artistic Oregon flora that appears on Da Shootz! packaging

Is Da Shootz! not feeling like it was meant to be? Try it and tell us what you think.