Celebrating Can-Do Attitudes

Posted on: May 23rd 2018

At Deschutes, we have been tasking ourselves with having a can-do attitude. While it often makes us uncomfortable, we have been getting creative on how to get shiz done. A recent example:

Can-Do-Convo-784x784 Celebrating Can-Do Attitudes Featured Post Other Travel

We continue to be excited that our beer is in cans. We learned a lot about ourselves during the planning and build out of our new canning line (done in less than eight months nonetheless). To celebrate our can-do attitude, we are celebrating others’ can-do attitudes. We have partnered with seven people who live can-do life every day. They make the extraordinary their ordinary so we asked them to take our cans along as they live these moments.

We are happy to introduce…

influencer-collage-292x300 Celebrating Can-Do Attitudes Featured Post Other Travel

  • americayall: Jeremy and Lauren’s can-do advice is to remember you don’t have to travel far. Look at a map, find the closest thing to you that looks interesting and hit the road.
  • Bubba Sellers: He quit what could have been a dream job and traveled for six months along the west coast capturing his experiences with his photography.
  • Brianna Madia: She says her can-do attitude isn’t about being fearless. It’s about confronting the fear and choosing over and over again how to live her life with intention.
  • Brooke Weeber: Throws caution to the wind to make what seems like the impossible, possible.
  • Chance Keso: On a whim, applied to be a guide at a ranch in Colorado and got the job. His motto: Don’t let it be a can’t do, make it a can do!
  • Corie Townsend: She has been rock climbing for eight years and still gets an overwhelming feeling that she can’t every time she ties into the rope. But, she tells herself she can do it and does make it to the top.
  • Kate Maciejowski: She tore her ACL in Vermont, then moved to Oregon believing she would need surgery. She was able to rehab her knee with PT and hit the Cascades after only seven months since her injury.

You will see our can-do partners posting throughout May and June. Please follow along to gain inspiration on how to find your own can-do mindset. And if you have an inspiring can-do story to tell, we’re all ears and beers.