Buckle Your Tastebuds Folks, as You Enter The Abyss

Posted on: November 23rd 2011


The enduring quality of Deschutes Brewery’s Reserve Series is no more apparent than with the 6th release of The Abyss. This imperial stout is the heart and soul of the Reserve Series. It built the house and raised the wax-topped roof. Then brought the house down. The Abyss is the wheelhouse and the lighthouse. It epitomizes great accomplishments. Its success is the bar to measure all other adventures.

Notes of smooth chocolate, silky caramel, and a creamy coolness adorn a luxurious body designed for indulgent interruptions to the Everyday. Double “kettle to the metal” mashes included brewer’s licorice and blackstrap molasses. Tempered with vanilla bean and cherry bark and aged in Bourbon, Pinot Noir, and Oregon Oak barrels, the phrase “outrageously coddled” comes to mind. The Abyss personifies Deschutes Brewery’s credo–in a glass: push the envelope, don’t stop ‘til you get it right, then enjoy it!

This is the beer Odysseus would have asked for when he got home. This is the beer Einstein was dreaming of while he scribbled E = MC2. This is the beer to put in your cellar. Transforming immediate gratification into an ecstatic experience is within reach with a little patience and planning. Cool, constant, and dark is the ideal space to stash any bottle one can resist opening instantly. The “vertical” experience, opening sequential vintages together for comparison and enhanced enjoyment, is the gift that keeps on giving. Over time new aromas and flavors will appear. They will merge. A practiced chorus of voices makes incredibly beautiful music. The Abyss is the ultimate beer to cellar year after year.

The Abyss is the event in your Everyday that separates the memorable from the routine. Enjoy.

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