Brewers Collaborate to Create White IPA

Posted on: July 25th 2011

A Convergence of Groundbreaking Genius

Rarely do two rivers converge in nature without some degree of turbulence. Fortunately, for everyone with taste buds, two esteemed brewmasters have pioneered a never-before-seen style with practiced composure and sure vision. Conflux No. 2, a true collaboration ale, pairs the best of the best–Boulevard Brewing’s Belgian and wheat expertise with Deschutes Brewery’s hop mastery—while conjuring a White IPA into existence, full of smooth currents and unexpected eddies.

Collabo2 Brewers Collaborate to Create White IPA Brewery

Boulevard Brewing’s Brewmaster Steven Pauwels and Deschutes Brewery‘s Brewmaster Larry Sidor share a story of genius invention, perhaps scribbled on bar napkins, during chance encounters in airports. “Brewing is a great community,” said Sidor. “Brewers are collaborative.” After numerous discussions, testing, tastings, and fine tunings, both breweries are poised to release a groundbreaking new White IPA. Both breweries will separately bottle and sell this beer in their respective territories. Where territories overlap, a unique chance to sample both brews side by side will be possible, as slight differences in brewing locations and raw ingredients guarantee distinct experiences.

Conflux No. 2 explores the intersection between wheat, hops, and spice. Substantial hops like Bravo, Citra, Cascade, and Centennials wrap the palate with juicy, citrusy vitality. The wheat and pilsner malt body glides in on their coattails, mingling with estery Belgian yeast, creating a pleasant, timely luster. The power of hop meets the power of suggestion with aromatic glints of whole leaf sage and nimble allusions to lemongrass, spicy coriander, and sweet orange peel throughout.

Collaborations are proof brewmasters “love us and want us to be happy…”

Click here to view photos of Steven’s visit to Deschutes.