Bravely Done artist salute: Everest

Posted on: August 30th 2009

Where do you go after touring the world, playing arenas with the likes of Neil Young, Wilco, and Death Cab For Cutie, skipping from show to show via a small plane the way Buddy Holly used to do?If you are the five musicians who make up Los Angeles’ Everest, you go back to playing those small bars – the kind of venues where you can share a beer or two or three with the locals before the show (and a beer or two or three after). If Everest sounds like Americana, it’s because they live Americana, the stadiums are just little detours thrown in to spice things up. You’ll hear no computers, no programmed drums, no robot vocals on Everest’s latest album “Ghost Notes.” Instead you’ll get the crackle and buzz of amps that have traveled around the world and the dusty worn voices of the fellows that lugged them. This month you can find them in some off-the-beaten path hole-in-the-walls up and down the West Coast, or if you’re going to Bumbershoot, we can’t encourage you strongly enough to make your way to the Broad Street Stage at say, 12:45-ish on Saturday.


To further entice you, follow this link to see a video of Everest’s “Reloader” directed by Neil Young band member Anthony Crawford.

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