Beer and Cheese, Please!

Posted on: December 4th 2017

Looking to take your shindig to the next level? Host a Beer and Cheese Pairing! It’s easy, fun, and your palate will thank you. We’ve taken the guesswork out of it by doing all of the “research” ahead of time to bring you our tastiest recommendations, but it is also a blast to have your guests do their own experimentation.

To begin, grab a couple of Deschutes Brewery variety packs or mixed 6-packs from your local craft beer store, and raid your cellar to find some Reserve Series beers to add to the mix as *bonus* beers. Then, head to your favorite grocery store that offers more than your basic sandwich cheese and grab 4-7 different styles of cheese for the pairing.

sampler-tray-231x300 Beer and Cheese, Please! Beer Education Featured Post Next, make sure everyone has a plate with a variety of cubed or shaved cheeses and sample glasses for each of the beers.

When all of the cheese is cut (huh, huh, cut the cheese – ok we digress), and samples are poured, do this:

  1. Have guests taste one cheese and take a sip of beer
  2. Taste the same cheese with a different beer
  3. Come to a consensus of which is the best pairing. (Be sure to write it down to compare notes with us – remember this is research).
  4. Then onto the next cheese…and so on…

As the night wears on, guests will begin to have more and more fun, and discover that not every cheese pairs with every beer!


Our Beer and Cheese Suggestions…

beerandcheese-6-of-14-200x300 Beer and Cheese, Please! Beer Education Featured Post Mozzarella paired with Fresh Squeezed IPA


The dry yet creamy flavors from the cheese are balanced by the sweetness from this malty IPA


Use crackers or almonds as a palate cleanser

beerandcheese-9-of-14-200x300 Beer and Cheese, Please! Beer Education Featured Post Brie (soft mild cheese) paired with Pacific Wonderland Lager


The light hop profile and tingly carbonation on the tongue compliment the soft and mellow flavors of this creamy cheese

Protip: Use a separate knife for the creamy cheese as to keep flavors separated between hard and soft cheeses

beerandcheese-2-of-14-200x300 Beer and Cheese, Please! Beer Education Featured Post Manchego paired with Mirror Pond Pale Ale


Slight salty notes from this hard cheese are a match for the malty, single hop simplicity of our pale ale.

Protip: Be sure to take in the aroma of the beer before sipping to get the full experience.

beerandcheese-3-of-14-200x300 Beer and Cheese, Please! Beer Education Featured Post Parmesan paired with Inversion IPA


This big, bold, and malty IPA is the only beer in our mix that stood up to the lactic and sour-like characteristics of parmesan cheese.

Protip: Using a grater slide is a great way to thinly slice your cheese and makes it a bit more elegant when adding to your dishes.

beerandcheese-10-of-14-200x300 Beer and Cheese, Please! Beer Education Featured Post Reserve Sharp White Cheddar paired with Obsidian Stout


The bitterness of the sharp cheddar was offset by the smokiness of this rich stout and brought out hints of chocolate flavors in the beer.

Protip: Be sure that each cheese and beer taster gets enough cheese on their plate to pair with multiple beer styles.

beerandcheese-4-of-14-200x300 Beer and Cheese, Please! Beer Education Featured Post Gouda Aged 18 months paired with Black Butte Porter


Smoke equates smoke…smoky smooth flavors from dark malts in our porter coincide perfectly with the light smokiness in the aged gouda.

Protip: Hard and aged Gouda are way different than soft and new. Grab an aged 18-24 months version.

*Bonus* – Humboldt Fog (aged goat’s milk cheese) paired with The Dissident


The tartness from our Belgian-style sour brown ale aged with cherries was the only beer that cut the creamy and mildly acidic flavors in this wildly popular aged goat cheese.

beerandcheese-8-of-14-784x523 Beer and Cheese, Please! Beer Education Featured Post


We hope you enjoy all of these recommendations, and please let us know which are your favorites! Cheers…