The Art of Jubelale

Posted on: November 14th 2016

Break out your puffy coats, scarves, mittens, and your favorite winter warmer…it’s getting chilly out there! Around this time back in 1988, Jubelale debuted as our first seasonal, hand-bottled straight from the taps at our Bend Public House for our fans to take home, or give as gifts during the holiday season. The tradition continues every year with just a few changes:

  • Jubelale is available in six-packs
  • Distributed in 28 US states and a handful of provinces
  • And, since 1995, a regional artist has been commissioned each year to create an original work of art, inspired by Central Oregon winter and Jubelale

This original artwork is then transformed into the label and packaging you see on the shelf.

When searching for an artist, we look for uniqueness and creativity that would make a great backdrop for this festive winter ale. This year, Karen Ruane’s marbling technique was the perfect choice. Karen came across marbling at a street fair a few years ago, and was mesmerized by the process. After that, she watched videos, read books and took a few workshops to learn the craft. She’s been creating one of a kind pieces over the past four years now.

jubelale-art-15-of-16-784x522 The Art of Jubelale Beer Featured Post


The origin and development of marbling was practiced in Japan as early as the 12th century. The first forms of Japanese marbling were called Suminagashi, or “ink floating”. Delicate, swirled patterns were produced on paper when colors of ink were floated on the surface of the water. The artist would drop circles of black and indigo blue ink into the water, then blow gently on the surface of the water to produce smoke-like patterns. Marbling later became popular with members of the Japanese royal court. They used a slightly different technique to produce Suminagashi. They would decorate paper with sumi-ink then immerse the paper in water. As the inks floated to the surface, beautiful patterns would appear making each piece completely unique …just like Jubelale.

collage-of-art-784x531 The Art of Jubelale Beer Featured Post

Inside the bottle, the liquid is just as beautiful as the label outside. Layered flavors of caramel, toffee, cozy spiciness and dried fruit from malts are balanced perfectly with hops to give you a slight bite meant to warm your belly on those cold days and long winter nights. Enjoy at your holiday celebrations, with some close friends, or in some hearty chili!

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Cheers to Holiday Beers!