A Reason to Celebrate: The 10th Release of The Abyss

Posted on: December 1st 2015

It’s that time of year again.

Well, almost. And I’m not talking about the chocolate Santa or ugly Christmas sweater time of year – I’m talking about The Abyss time of year. That time of year when we all gather at the Public House, huddled together to watch the snow (or rain) fall, while gently sipping a beer which has warmed our hearts since its initial release in 2006. This winter, we celebrate the 10th release of this very special beer.

This imperial stout is accented with blackstrap molasses, vanilla beans, cherry bark, and brewer’s licorice straight from Italy. The heart and soul of our Reserve Series, The Abyss is partially aged for six months in barrels that once housed Bourbon, Oregon Oak, and Pinot Noir. It is as profound, infinite, and unfathomable as its name suggests.

We appreciate your patience this year as The Abyss 2015 needed more time and we will not release a beer before it’s ready. We have planned for a Merry Abyssmas this year so join in and celebrate with us on December 17th at our pubs (see below) or at events soon in areas where The Abyss will be sold.

Bend Public House:
>Fireside chats with brewer Jake Harper 5pm-7pm
>Veritcal Tasting Flights – 2011,2012,2013,2014,2015
>Paired Culinary Specials prepared by Chef Brian Kerr
>Complimentary Tasting Bar & Snacks
>22oz Reserve Series Wax-Dipped Bottles (6 bottle limit)
>New 2015 Swag

Portland Public House:
>*Specialty Brunch Menu highlighting The Abyss 2015 starting at 9AM!*
>Vertical Tasting Flights – 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
>New swag for the 2015 vintage
>22oz bottle sales, with specialty gift boxes available (6 bottle limit)
>Reserve Series gift packages

SPOILER ALERT: In early 2016, we’ll be releasing TWO “remarkably limited” versions of The Abyss.

What? Oh yeah, that just happened.

One rendition is 100% aged in Rye Whiskey casks, and the other in 100% aged in Cognac barrels. Both are extremly limited and hand-selected small batch releases, so follow our social media pages to stay updated on their release.

Although The Abyss can and should be enjoyed the day you bring it home, it also nestles well in your cellar for aging and can be be added as an ingredient to make some decadent brownies.  It’s a great excuse to gather your friends together just to celebrate the changing of seasons, too.

Because, it’s that time of year again, my friends. It’s Merry Abyssmas time.

We’ll see you down at the pub.

–  Kimberly Bowker, Guest Blogger & Deschutes Tour Guide Extraordinare

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