A Collaboration Celebrating Independent Employee Ownership

Posted on: September 21st 2015

A few years ago, we excitedly announced that we’re adding our name to the growing list of breweries who have become employee owned. It came at a great time as news was spreading (and is still spreading) about breweries being acquired, purchased and halved…

At the time, lots of questions arose from our team about ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan):

*Can we sell our stock on Wall Street?
*Can we get a brewery dog named “Leonardo DiCaprio” (Wolf of Wall Street)
*How much is our stock worth?
*Can we buy more stock?
*Does this mean that we can buy that private plane to fly to and from events?

Most of the answers to those questions were “no,” but as a team, we made the transition together for the better.

About a year ago, we welcomed Harpoon Brewery to the “cool kids club” as they went ESOP too. In chats with them about the program, we also discussed the idea of creating a collaboration brew that celebrated our independence as craft brewers, and our new endeavors into co-ownership!

On September 3rd, Brewer Ryan Schmiege from our brewery went to Boston, MA to brew Harpoon’s version of the collaboration, and on September 14th, Brewer Ethan Elston from Harpoon came to Bend to help us with our version.

The beer so cleverly named, “EHOP” (get it, ESOP), is an ale brewed with employee grown hops (we picked ours straight from the parking lot – see below), local spices, and a lot of LOVE!

Both versions will be bottled and kegged for a release in Mid-Late October… find our version by using our beer finder tool! And stay tuned for some events in the markets where both Harpoon and Deschutes beer are sold.

Cheers to Celebration, Collaboration and Fermentation!