3 Reasons to try Hopzeit Autumn IPA

Posted on: August 21st 2016

Beer is always the reason for the season, and we’ve added a new fall seasonal to our line-up! It’s not another pumpkin beer, or a citrus hop bomb…but a NW twist on a traditional German style beer. Hopzeit Autumn IPA harmoniously blends the malt body and flavor of a Märzen with the hop profile of an IPA. Hopzeit translates to “Hop Time” or harvest time, which generally happens at hop farms during the months of August and September. We understand that there are many fall seasonal options out there, but here are 3 reasons why you should give this one a try:

Slow Transition…

Hopzeit is a slow, smooth transitional beer from summer to fall. We’re not pushing this one on you like a Holiday theme three months too early in the aisle at the store. Try it when you’re ready. It’s 100% gourd free, and for those wanting to embrace fall, but not have it forced upon you: #saynotopumpkinbeer


Because we have hops literally in our backyard – well, on our fence at the brewery, in the Oregon valley, and in our neighboring state of Washington, we get to experiment with hops not yet available publicly, or are more a bit more rare. Herkules, Sterling, and Hull Melon hops give the beer more earthy, melon and strawberry notes, rather than the citrus flavors you may be accustom to.


Not only do the caramel and biscuit flavors of elegant Munich, Vienna, and Pilsner malts provide a smooth upfront rich malty flavor, but the herbal, fruit, and spice characteristics of German hops round out the beer for a great balance with a hint of bitterness at the finish. Amazing for drinking with friends and also for cooking and pairing. Give Hopzeit Hummus and Autumn IPA BBQ Rosemary Pork Tenderloin a try.

hopzeit-food-784x392 3 Reasons to try Hopzeit Autumn IPA Beer Food

We’re excited to offer Hopzeit Autumn IPA as the fourth seasonal to our line-up, and we think it perfectly describes how “Deschutes Does Fall.” (thanks Kate). We hope you’ll embrace the change, give this one a try, and and skip the gourds and lederhosen this year, unless you are lucky enough to attend Oktoberfest in Munich! Cheers!