12 Questions: Bryan Suereth of Disjecta

Posted on: November 3rd 2009

12 Questions: Bryan Suereth of Disjecta


What brings you to work everyday?
The thought of a better life. And staying active to thwart the onset of Alzheimer’s.


What sacred cows have you tipped lately?
Cow tipping was a phenomenon that did actually occur in my hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. But I do not tip cows.


Lone wolf or pack animal?
Either, depending on the occasion.


Where does courage fit into what you do?
Taking risk. It’s either stupid or courageous. Time will tell.


What have you been watching?
College football, especially Penn State. Joe Paterno is a legend.


Who have you been listening to?
The Clash, Sonny Smith, Alela Diane and sometimes Schumann or Grieg. And Sunny 1550 am!


Quick advice for your (imaginary) kid?
Explore the world, be compassionate and understanding, don’t make too many promises, love animals, learn 3 foreign languages and eat right.


Where to next?
Turkey or India. Maybe Argentina.


Favorite Deschutes beer?
All of them. Seriously.


Favorite not Deschutes beer?
The oldest brewery in America of course: Yeungling!


If I wasn’t doing this I’d be?
Buying old suits at the thrift store. Occupationally? I’d be a recycling guru—developing and implementing methods for decreasing global waste.

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