Pub Reserve Series: Murder in the Rye & Rum Wowzenbock

Posted on: February 9th 2016

We’re excited to announce our newest and first Pub Reserve Series beers of 2016! These beers are limited in production, experimental, hands-on, barrel-aged, sold only at our pubs and tasting room, and are exponentially delicious. These wax dipped, high alcohol by volume, and age-able beers are a huge “thank you” to our locals, and make exceptional and momentous gifts for any craft beer fan (uh hum, Valentine’s Day gifts).

First up, Murder in the Rye:
The base recipe came from Bourbon Murder, a Great American Beer Festival award winning Portland Pub brew. Murder in the Rye is a Strong Stout aged in Rye Whiskey Casks from Oregon Spirit Distillers for 9 months. This malt forward beer offers flavors and aromas of spicy whiskey, vanilla, oak, roast, chocolate and caramel. With less than 24 hours between whiskey emptying and beer filling in the casks, this beer is heart-warming and whiskey-licious!
11.8% ABV & 24 IBUs

Next up, Rum Wowzenbock:
The base recipe came from another Great American Beer Festival award winning Portland Pub brew called Wowzenbock. In this Strong Dark Ale, presence of Willamette hops are subtle against Vienna and Munich malts and Wheat. Aged in Spanish Rum barrels for 16 months gives this beer flavors and aromas of toasted caramel, sweet rum spice, tropical fruit, light coconut and banana esters and finishes with light oak tannins.
12% ABV and 11 IBUs

These two very different and truly unique brews have been tasted over and over again. The beer tells us when it is ready to be set free. If you are lucky enough to live in Oregon, or you’re here in Bend or Portland for a winter beer-cation, be sure to grab a bottle or two before they are gone…Release Celebration is on Saturday, February 13th.

Want to dive deeper? Join us LIVE on Twitter & Periscope (@deschutesbeer) for a chat with Bend Pub Brewers Robin & Matt on Thursday, February 11th at 4:00pm PST for our first episode of the “Beyond The Pint” series!

For about 30 minutes, we’ll be sippin’ & talking about the history, ingredients, and food pairing suggestions for these beers and answer any questions you have. If you are not available to join us LIVE, feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below and we’ll answer those too! Cheers…

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