Home means a lot to Deschutes. We’d be nowhere without the inspiration of this place and the support of the community. In response, we contribute annually to several organizations throughout Oregon and to the other states where we sell our beer. As folks around here will tell you, sharing is part of the Deschutes DNA.



From day one Deschutes Brewery has lived by these words: “Do your best and next time do it better.” As the first craft brewery to implement the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) approach, we’re dedicated to tracking our economic, environmental and social impact as we strive to use fewer resources, maintain a productive and healthy workforce, and create lifelong fans.

We’ve always worked to implement environmentally friendly solutions, and the GRI report provides a standardized way to measure progress from year to year. The report also presents the brewery’s values and governance model, and demonstrates the link between strategy and commitment to a sustainable global economy. The GRI process has helped us identify risks and opportunities as well as improve benchmarking and goal setting for the company. Our goal is to produce an annual sustainability report that we will make available for the community to view.

Deschutes Brewery 2013 GRI Report (pdf)
Deschutes Brewery Sustainability 2013 Fact Sheet (pdf)


Each year, we dedicate $1 per barrel sold to charities throughout the community to help fulfill our goal of building a healthier society. Giving ranges from environmental causes that are near and dear to the company’s Oregon roots, all the way to assisting kids in need through local service organizations. A cross-departmental team of passionate individuals help to guide community giving for the company, which equals more than a quarter of a million dollars annually.

Donation Requests

There are three main ways that Deschutes Brewery contributes to the community: Cash donations, In-Kind donations (pub gift cards, beer, merchandise, facility usage, etc.) and employee volunteerism.

Funding decisions are made by our Community Involvement Committee, a group of employees from throughout the brewery. Deschutes Brewery looks for non-profit organizations that demonstrate creativity, diversity and an innovative approach to their mission and objectives. This committee also looks for organizations that are directly meaningful or already supported by our employees themselves.

We will consider all requests equally that meet our guidelines. To request a donation or sponsorship, please fill out this donation request form completely. Please note that completing the form does not guarantee a donation; it is a way for us to learn more about your event and determine if we are able to offer support at this time. All requests must be submitted a minimum of 60 days prior to your event to be considered. Because of the number of requests we receive and the fact that our committee meets monthly, it can take several weeks to process your request. Cheers!

Donation Request Form (web-form)