Calling all artists!

So you want to become the next Jubelale artist?

We're excited you're interested! Before filling out the form below, please be sure to read the following details.

Jubelale, a Festive Winter Ale, is a beloved favorite at Deschutes Brewery.

It was our first bottled beer back in 1988, and since 1994, the packaging has showcased a new original piece of art crafted by regional artists. From acrylics and watercolor to collage and quilting, these commissioned works have utilized a diverse range of mediums to depict the storybook winters of Central Oregon. Check out the history of Jubelale art!

Each year, we get inquiries from people asking how they can become our next Jubelale artist. We started offering this application in 2022 as an easy way for all artists to apply. 


To qualify as a Jubelale artist, you must: 
  • be age 21 or older.
  • legally live within the United States.
  • be a professional artist. This means a person who is critically recognized as an artist, who possesses skills, training and/or experience in an artistic discipline, and who is active in and committed to their art practice.
  • have a portfolio of art that you can submit as part of the application.
  • be able to commit to finalizing and submitting an original piece of art for the next Jubelale packaging in March.

Guidelines for Art

You do not have to create an original piece for the submission process. However, it is important to know the art guidelines before you consider applying.

Our intention with the Jubelale packaging is always to best represent the original vision of the artist selected. Nonetheless, we do ask that the selected artist consider the following in their design:
  • A festive wintry theme, but not connected to any specific holiday or religion
  • A focal point that draws the eye, figures, movement and all other elements that may add energy to the piece
  • Colors that are bright and/or subject matter that is engaging and would stand out in a busy grocery store
  • Two-dimensional art piece required, but all media welcome

What the Artist Receives

  • $5,000
  • Artwork exposure on beer packaging across 36+ states for 2+ months
  • Artist exposure through social media, blog/newsletter, press and signing event associated with beer release

Additional Requirements

In addition to the qualifications already listed, the selected artist must:
  • provide Deschutes with the original art to be displayed in the Jubelale Hall of Fame at the brewery in Bend, Oregon.
  • be willing to participate in promotional activities during the release of Jubelale.
  • This includes but is not limited to –
    • up to five (5) interviews for blog posts or with media as part of promotions of the release of Jubelale 2023
    • up to five (5) social media posts (both through Deschutes Brewery and the artist’s own social media channels, if applicable),
    • a poster-signing event at our Bend Public House in October or November (date to be negotiated with artist availability)
    • Other details of the artist’s marketing/promotion activities must be mutuallyagreed upon by artist and Deschutes.

Additional Information

  • While submissions will be accepted from anyone in the United States, preference will be given to artists who live or have roots in Deschutes Brewery’s home market of Oregon.
  • All mediums and format of art are acceptable. Deschutes will handle photography & laying the art out on the packaging but may work with the artist on ensuring the best representation of the art on package.
  • Finalists will be contacted in December. Only finalists will be contacted by Deschutes Brewery.
Please submit a selection, or portfolio, of your work. This can be presented on a website or attached as a pdf.