Windy City Brewhaha

Deschtues beer is now available at events in the Windy City!
Sat, Mar 2
1 pm - 9 pm
Skyline Loft at Bridgeport Art Center
1200 W. 35th Street
Chicago, IL
(773) 247-3000
We have your solution, the first ever Windy City BREWHAHA! An epic celebration of all things beer! In the midst of another Chicago winter, the four walls of your living room seem a bit closer than they were the day before. While sitting in your office chair, your after-work beer tastes duller. You pine for a change. A new sight… a new taste.

Whether you describe a beer as having burnt, licorice, sweet flavor with a nutty finish, or don’t know ale from a pilsner. This event can educate or expand your beer knowledge and taste palate.

We feel that the best beers are not ones that have pop stars on their commercials, or the smallest amount of calories. Beer is a drink that helped found America. Without it, Columbus and his crew would not have survived the boat ride, and the Pilgrims would not have been so thankful.

Come celebrate the history and future of beer with classic tastes and new brews that will leave you haunted as you ponder the mad man that would be bold enough to create such an elixir.

We invite you all, from the beer aficionado to the beer novice. Beer is the unifier of people, a great equalizer… and on this day, an excellent reason to get out of the house and join us for a great time.

You and anyone else that likes beer!

A celebration of beer! To taste and sample the best brewers in the Chicagoland area and beyond...Deschtues Brewery will be there pouring Mirror Pond Pale Ale and Chainbreaker White IPA!

Skyline Loft | Bridgeport Art Center (Just 1 mile west of US Cellular Field)

Saturday, March 2nd, 2013
Session 1: 1pm – 4pm
Session 2: 6pm – 9pm

$45 per person (includes unlimited amount of tasting of 25+ beers from local brewers, and a souvenir mini beer stein for tasting)

We hope to see you there!!