Tutored Beer and Cheese

Cheese & beer pair well together!
Wed, Nov 6
5 pm - 7 pm
Di Bruno Bros
1730 Chestnut St.
Philadelphia, PA
Reading and math tutoring this is not. How to perfectly pair cheese with beer…beer all the way from Oregon’s Deschutes Brewery, now that’s more like it! Class attendees will learn the art of cheese pairing from Di Bruno Brothers expert cheesemongers and Deschutes Brewery’s beer aficionados. Space is limited for this special class & the cost is only $20 per person! See you there...

Beer & Cheese Pairings
Mirror Pond Pale Ale - House Aged Selles sur Cher Goat, France
Black Butte Porter - Bleu de Basque Sheep, France
Jubelale - Lorenzo Sheep, NY
Hop Trip - Kinsman Ridge, Cow, VT
Chainbreaker White IPA - Oriol Buffalo, Cataluna