Oregon Comes To Olde Towne

Join us at 4 locations in Olde Towne for some Deschutes beer!
Wed, Jan 29
7 pm - 11 pm
Corner Stone, Yellow Brick Pizza, Tavern Olde Towne & Carabar
Olde Towne East
Columbus, OH
Join us for a night of Deschutes beer, fun, food & more in Olde Towne! We will have beer at the four locations below and some Deschutes Brewery crew members there too. Food at Corner Stone provided by Black Creek Bistro. See you there...

Corner Stone: 61 Parsons Ave.

Tavern Olde Towne: 889 Oak St.

Yellow Brick Pizza: 892 Oak St.

Carabar: 115 Parsons Ave.

Get your Choose Your Own Adventure Full Meal Deal Ticket for $25 by clicking the ticket link above.

Tickets include:
Beer & Bite Pairing at Corner Stone
Beer & Bite Pairing at Tavern Olde Towne
Beer & Bite Pairing at Yellow Brick
Beer & Bite Pairing at Carabar

Begin your night at Corner Stone and end up at Carabar the in between is up to you...

Tickets are available for purchase at Corner Stone and if you don't need the Full Meal Deal Ticket, you can order a la carte too!