Halloween Cyclocross Crusade

2 Days of Epic Racing and a HUGE warehouse party!
Sat, Oct 27 - Sun, Oct 28
8 am - 7 pm
Deschutes Brewery
901 SW Simpson Ave.
Bend, OR
Is it a cyclocross race? Is it an art festival? Is it a cultural celebration? Yes!

Every October, Bend Oregon hosts the highly anticipated Halloween Cross Crusade & Cyclo-cross festival. This amazing event will include the famous Halloween Cyclocross Crusade, the fourth annual Cross Culture Art Celebration, a cultural celebration showcasing the cyclo-cross lifestyle, and much more.

Halloween Cyclocross Crusade

Two full days of epic racing for all categories on the National Championship course at Deschutes Brewery.

The legendary Halloween Cyclocross Crusade race has been drawing crowds in Astoria, OR for years, but once again it's Bend's turn to have a little fun. The race will take place at Deschutes Brewery in the Old Mill District on October 27 & 28, 2012.

Witness the fun and mayhem of over 1,000 cyclocross racers donning costumes and competing for Cross Crusade points. In addition to two days of epic racing, attendees will enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of the Deschutes Brewery beer garden, live music, and cultural food and festivities. Visit www.crosscrusade.com for more information.

Clydesdale Cyclocross Championship of the Universe

The Knights of the Cross Crusade have spoken; therefore, let it be known that on the fourth Saturday of the tenth month of the year 2012, a Clydesdale Champion of the Universe will be knighted. Cyclocross gladiators weighing 200 pounds (1.428 Contadors) or more, and Athenas, female gladiators weighing 160 pounds (1.142 Contadors) or more are eligible to enter the ring of battle. You won't want to miss this epic event on Saturday night October 27 at Deschutes Brewery. Seriousness will not be tolerated. Read the details here!

Deschutes Brewery Warehouse Party

Deschutes Brewery loves to have a really good time. This will be the party of the year. We promise. Deschutes Brewery will host another not-to-be-missed warehouse party on Saturday night when they host their warehouse celebration of all things Cyclocross with a "Cyclo Du Soleil" theme.