Deschutes Brewery Release Party

at Ballantine!
Fri, Jan 24
4 pm - 11 pm
4113 Erie St.
Willoughby, OH
Ballantine is throwing a party to celebrate Deschutes beer coming all the way to Ohio from Oregon! The following 4 beers will be available:

Black Butte Porter Alc 5.2% | IBUs 30
Mirror Pond Pale Ale Alc 5% | IBUs 40
Inversion IPA Alc 6.8% | IBUs 80
Red Chair NWPA Alc 6.2% | IBUs 60
Food Specials : The chef will be launching the new Fish Sandwich for the night. This new sandwich will be on the new menu that is coming in February.

**Although the Deschutes crew would love to be at every event happening in OH, we just don't have the man(woman)-power BUT come on down and party with a pint in hand and the fabulous crew at Ballantine!