Deschutes Brewery Base Camp Finale

Join us on the mountain to celebrate the last day of Base Camp Week!
Sat, Mar 3
8 am - 9 pm
All over Schweitzer Mountain!
Sandpoint, ID
With the close of Deschutes Brewery’s multi-day celebration of craft beer comes an all-day party full of fun and mayhem. At locations throughout Schweitzer Mountain Resort, party-goers can pick up raffle tickets, turn them in at Woody (he’s a hard-to-miss giant beer barrel), and be entered to win gear and swag from Deschutes Brewery. So hit as many of the events below as possible to increase your chances to win!

8am: Kick it off early with “Race to the Base” – the person who makes it to the base of the mountain with the most beer still left in his or her cup wins!

9am-9pm: Quest for the Golden Keg: while watching for yardsails, barneys, tree wells and other potential slope disasters, make sure to keep your eye out for the hidden GOLDEN KEG! The discoverer of this jewel will be taking home some winter gear from Deschutes Brewery.

10am-3pm: Woody’s Snow Lounge – join Deschutes Brewery’s giant traveling beer barrel for some craft beer specials and prizes.

11am: Jimmy Wang’s Shack will have Deschutes Beer on tap for snow enthusiasts to enjoy while taking a break from ripping it up. You can ski right in and enjoy a view from the top of the mountain, all while warming up with a craft brew.

11am–9pm: Chimney Rock Grill will have some lunch and dinner specials on the menu, all paired perfectly with Deschutes beers.

11am-2pm: Deschutes Brewery’s giant traveling beer barrel, Woody, will be at the Lakeview Lodge pairing his beers with some melt-in-your-mouth pulled pork.

1pm-4pm: Gourmandie Market in the Village will be serving cheeses paired with Deschutes beers such as Hop Henge Experimental IPA.