Dawn of the Dead Dash

RUN!!!! Zombies and Deschutes beer!!
Sat, Oct 26
7 pm - 10 pm
4306 N Williams Ave
Portland, OR

The infected are are out in full force. Discover if you can navigate through your city to clear all the checkpoints, remain uninfected and arrive safely back at the Quarantined Headquarters.

All uninfected participants will meet at the quarantined headquarters for debriefing from head security officials on event date.

Humans will be given their glow collars to clearly mark them as "uninfected" as well as the first checkpoint code to enter into your phone. Locations of checkpoints will be given as codes are entered.

Once all humans are briefed for the apocalypse, they will be released into the night.

No roads will be closed, there is no set course to take, all are on their own.

Zombies will be set free about 10-minutes after the humans have been released. Zombies will also be hiding throughout the city and near the checkpoints.

If an uninfected human is tagged by a Zombie, glow collars MUST be surrendered. You are now one of the dead.

As a new infected member of the dead, you are now responsible to help grow your Zombie population.

*Eat some brains. Drink some Deschutes beer!*

*this is purely for fun, we are not recommeding nor condoning the eating of human brains in any manner. We are not responsible for brain eating.