2012 Cascade Chainbreaker

Bikes & beer, yay!
Sun, May 13
10 am - 2 pm
Skyliner Forest
Shevlin Park
Bend, OR
(541) 318-6188
The Cascade Chainbreaker is a super fun XC mountainbike race in Bend, OR. The race is held on private land just west of Shevelin Park, in the Skyline Forest. The Pro race starts at 10AM on Sunday, May 13th. All other categories will be going off in waves shortly thereafter (1-2 minutes between waves)

We will be serving hotdogs (and veggie dogs), chips, Coke and Deschutes Brewery beer (Chainbreaker White IPA) to all racers after the finish (beer for ages 21+ and will be served at registration and at the finish).

There will be a kids race around 1:30-2PM, followed by awards for all categories There will be a short race for kids 7 and under (about a half mile). Kids 8-11 will be riding a longer, more challenging loop that is about 2 miles.

The Chainbreaker course is a fun combination of singletrack, double track, and dirt roads. It will be very similar to previous courses, but as always, there will be a few minor tweaks. There is a ~3.5 mile starter loop that everyone will ride which has about 200 ft of climbing, and then a 11.5 mile lap which has an additional 800+ feet of climbing, but that is a bit deceiving. The number of laps you will ride depends on your category. There are a lot of cool sections of singletrack that most people don’t ride too often, and there are a lot of double track and dirt roads that will give you a chance to pass other riders.

Pre-Riding The course is open for pre-riding, but if you don’t know the course extremely well, it is easy to get lost out there. Marcel will be marking the course (and the roads getting there) on Friday (May 11th) evening so it will be ready to ride all day Saturday.

Registration / Entry Fees
Adult racers = $30
Juniors = $15
$5 late fee on race day
All racers MUST have an OBRA license (One Day Licenses are available for $5). If you are signing up in person, you need to bring your license with you, we can't take your word for it.

You can register online at www.OBRA.org or click the ticket button above.